Website highlights & novelties

  • Rate estimation. Complete and precise. 

    • Now includes parcel dimensions (for an accurate volumetric weight estimation)
    • All surcharges are included in rates (fuel surcharge, remote areas, additional services, non-conveyable parcels, etc)
  • Ship with Nat_clik

    • Improved interface that is fast and easy to use
    • Precise rate estimation provided before shipping
  • Parcel tracking

    • Detailed tracking of each parcel individually
      • Parcels scanned multiple times:
        • Arrival at facilities
        • On all conveyors
        • When loaded onto trucks before delivery
      • Transit time
        • Expected delivery date more precise
  • Useful info section

    • Frequently asked questions
    • Video tutorials
  • Pickup/return requests

    • Now in the Ship menu / Ask for a pickup return
  • Mobile website, redefined look

    • Easy to use with all mobile technologies (phones, tablets, etc.)
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