Frequently asked questions and website usage.

Q. How can I estimate my rates before shipping my parcels?

A. In the Ship menu, the option Get Rates is available for rate estimations (see Video-Tutorials section).

Q. Where can I view the recipient’s signature for my delivery?

A. To view a proof of delivery signature, you have to log into your Nationex user account with your username and password.

Q. I forgot my Nationex password, what do I do?

A. Please communicate with our customer service department or with our technical support team at:

  • Customer service: 1 800-465-7171 csr@nationex.com
  • Technical support: 1 888-453-9399, tech@nationex.com

Q. How do I open an account with Nationex?

A. To open an account, please call us and we will analyse your shipping profile and provide you with competitive rates.

  • 1-866-999-7737.
  • sales@nationex.com

Q. Do you deliver parcels to Vancouver?

A. Yes, we deliver parcels from coast to coast in Canada

Q. Is it possible to add additional insurance on a shipment?

A. Yes, you can insure a shipment up to a maximum of 2500$ (for all parcels being shipped)

Q. What is a Pickup Return request?

A. When you make a pickup return request, the Nationex driver will arrive at the address requested the next business day with the labels corresponding to the number of parcels requested, and ensure they are shipped to their final destination.

Q. Does Nationex offer evening delivery and weekend service?

A. For the moment no. Deliveries are made during regular business hours from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm approximately.

Q. Are there any costs related to the borrowing of computer equipment?

A. No. Nationex provides you with the necessary equipment to create your shipments.

Q. Are there any costs related to shipping equipment?

A. Nationex provides labels or clear adhesive pouches free of charge for shipping. If you would like to obtain Nationex plastified envelopes, we can provide them for a fee.

Q. Before what time may I submit a pickup request if I want my parcel picked up the following business day?

A. If you submit a pickup request through our website before 8.00pm, your pickup will automatically be in the driver’s route the following day.

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