Dangerous Goods transportation

It’s the shipper’s responsibility to provide dangerous goods paperwork to the driver. The dangerous goods shipping documents are also available via the NAT_connect shipping softwareCharges will apply. (Non-conveyable charges also apply).

Nationex Dangerous Goods Form

Download the Guide to the Transportation of Dangerous Goods – 2019 Edition (French version only.) 

Please refer to Transport Canada’s website for more details.

Transport Canada

Dangerous goods carried by Nationex.

1,4SSafety explosives
2,1Flammable gas
2,2Non-flammable compressed gas
3Flammable liquids
4,1Flammable solids
4,2Spontaneously combustible
6,1Toxic substances packing
6,2Infectious substancesonly when packing is marked TC-125-1A or TC-125_1B
8Corrosive matters
9Miscellaneous products or substancesexcept dangerous waste
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