You ship more than 30 parcels per day

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  • Daily shipments average (different addresses)

  • Daily pieces average  (Quantity of parcels you ship within Canada on a daily basis)

  • Average weight per piece

Why choose Nationex?

Save up to 35%! (You won’t believe it !)

  • A unique and efficient operational structure helps us provide you with the lowest possible rates.
  • Limited accessory charges at the lowest cost on the market.
  • Do not hesitate to compare our rates with Canada Post or Purolator

Feel respected (We’ll never take you for granted!)

  • Dedicated and reliable account managers.
  • Daily pickup at the most convenient time of the day.
  • A clear invoice without hidden charges.
  • Dedicated and skilled customer services agents.
  • Nationex quality service offered to every customer no matter the size of their business.
  • Compare one phone call at Nationex and one at Fedex or UPS, you’ll see for yourself.

Time is money!

  • A simple and clear line of services to increase efficiency.
  • An easy-to-use shipping software adapted to your shipping method.
  • Simple and easy to use shipping software.
  • Software linked to your ordering system.
  • Software linked to your warehouse management system (WMS or TMS).

Peace of mind !

  • Delivery throughout Canada.
  • 99% on-time delivery.
  • 99.95% of the parcels delivered in mint condition.
  • Careful handling of your parcels.
  • Technical support available both online and over the phone.

Give us the opportunity to meet you! Beautiful surprises await you!

To learn more: or 1-866-999-7737

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